How Dare You?

How dare you dare me?

If this is what love is about then I just want to stay away

Two sided like a penny?

You make my soul cry and my kindness regretful.

Stay away from me

Don’t speak to me ever again

Not of roses or of beauty

Whether you have changed like season or still the same like stagnancy.

Why should love hurt?

Why should my heart be lukewarm?

Why should my mind be pierced by the thoughts of loosing what is already lost?

I am okay with anything but lies

Okay with promises that will not be washed away by the rain that is my tear

I want to hate you but my faith will not let me.


Four years, moments that seem untrue now

How could I have blinded my eyes

And shut my heart to the truth?

My head knew the problem’s root

But I brushed it off with the hope of something true

We are through right now

I hope to forget you like my sins

And remember you only as my yesterday.

My fault is what I called it, hard on myself like ice

Only to realise the monster is you the other day.


I should not waste time writing about you

Rewiring my heart, mind and soul to forget you

Like the dream I had about sipping coffee

Because like the coffee I drank, you are just as dark.

Just as a deep wound is covered with fresh skin

I will teach myself to forget you with fresh memories

Like the night gives way to day

I will control my heart to give way to healing

Learn to accept forgiveness is the way

And unforgotten is not the necessary evil.

How dare you say you still love me?

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