5 Applications Every Blogger Should Have and Use.

HEMINGWAY is an application that gives you the opportunity to edit and organize your articles in a presentable and readable demeanor. With the use of Hemingway app, a writer can break sentences into paragraphs properly, correct punctuation and grammatical errors. Before, I post anything on the blog, the first thing I do is upload the article on the Hemingway Desktop application to edit it.  This desktop application gives you the opportunity to check for forceful use of adverbs, excessive use of passive voice, use of simpler phrases and to make your work coherent and easy to understand.

GRAMMARLY this is the next application that I use after Hemmingway. There are two versions of it. That is, the desktop application and the mobile application. For the desktop application, Grammarly gives you the opportunity to check for spelling errors, and punctuation errors. You can also set it to either British or American English. It depends on which is preferable to you.

While the mobile application, allows you to improve your English grammar. It provides you with practice exercises where you can answer grammar questions and get scores. Through this application, you not only get the opportunity to edit you articles or stories. But, also to build your English grammar and have more control.

TRELLO is one of the best applications that I have found in my journey of blogging and writing. It makes you organized, keep track of your work, notifies you of your unfinished editing work and enables you to be more balanced and focused. Trello is the best thing that can happen to any writer because your ideas are not scattered everywhere and it sets direction for what you should expect or result you should be getting.

EDITORIAL CALENDAR especially if you are a writer and blogger. This application or plugin gives you the opportunity to schedule your articles or ideas that you have for an article. And then enables you to work ahead. Often times, as a writer, articles, stories or features coming in bits of ideas and you need somewhere to put them down before the final draft. This is exactly what editorial calendar is for. It makes your ideas very clear, after which you can turn into a clean draft before the day or weeks before publication.

GOAL TRACKER even though I just recently started using this mobile application, I love it so very much. Goal tracker helps you track your activities to know where you slacked and did not. It allows you to identify your unfinished works or articles. Goal tracker enables you to know the amount of time you have invested into your work in a day or week or month. In case you forget anything, it sends you a reminder. And for every lost idea, you can always check the archive.

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