About Us

Saint Oaks serves as a platform for Youths to exchange ideas, enlighten fellow youths about life lessons, doctrines and how to live freely as Christians under grace not law. It provides an artistic space for Christians to share their intellectual knowledge and showcase their talents to the glory of God. It is opened to writers, graphic designers, artists, photographers, editor, content creators, poets, ministers or preachers.

There is no greater joy than fulfilling and living purpose. It provides you with an assurance of a better tomorrow with the one that has created you. Also, Jesus Himself, stated the importance of doing God’s work when He said “We need to be energetically at work for the One who sent me here, working while the sun shines”. The statement is our drive and motivation despite the other numerous engagements we are indulged it. We do it because the spiritual controls the physical and God has anointed us to do what we do (Isaiah 61, Jeremiah 1).




In 2011, on a lonely night when the Cofounder struggled with depression and hallucinations. She stumbled upon writing while staring at the night sky and thinking of God. In 2012, she found God and her life never remained the same. It was at that very moment her healing process and a new journey started. Also, her testimony of redemption gave birth to a desire to build an ‘inspirational home’ to help people struggling with depression and social anxiety.

Years passed by and she forgot about it until 2013, when she discovered ‘Blog and Blogging, literature and art’. She then understood the power of each concepts, saw the platforms and tools that were staring her in the face. Her desire came rushing back into her heart, only this around it came as a vision, her purpose and reason for being.

Saint Oaks is more than a website or online platform. It is an inspirational home (a ministry) founded by God, run by the Holy Spirit with teachings through Literature, Photography/art and God’s.





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