Don’t Let Fear Wear You.

Deep in thought I saw a little fly it perched right on my window sill. Struggling to regain its freedom It kept fkying against the glass as if to free itself from the blockage. After several minutes of struggle It began to get tire so, instead of the continuous flying it started tracing the edged […]

Ode To Death.

Slowly it begins Like a tale it goes on With no alarming sound whatsoever Death visits It stings the town to deep silence To show the extent of how temporary it all is. O! Death Why art thou fearless? O! Death Why do you hold on to things? Why do you not forgive? Life confesses […]

How I Got Saved?

Sweet sweet harmony The beauty of nature Timeless in forever  Life, you brought forth your palm A slip of forgiveness My death in exchange The world of chaos left behind Though like a trance Everything seemed surreal To be in your awesome presence Beckoned by a love greater than The roots of an oak tree […]


“Jaelyn, stay back with your sister in the inner room and finish the work. The flood will not last long. We are going to stop it” Dad said.   I wanted to believe his words. But, the situation seemed impossible.   The entire room got filled with water that could drown a little child. I […]