“Jaelyn, stay back with your sister in the inner room and finish the work. The flood will not last long. We are going to stop it” Dad said.   I wanted to believe his words. But, the situation seemed impossible.   The entire room got filled with water that could drown a little child. I […]

Ali & Mena.

“Hey, I am sorry, we should not do this anymore. I love you so much, heaven knows. I need to take care of myself and health. I will always love you but I cannot do this anymore” she said and turned her back to walk away. Ali pulled her back with her right palm into […]

Hope is Here.

This night is cold Frozen to a minus 88 Fahrenheit Your naked body painted with scars that boil from within Hidden tears that broke your soul into pieces And the secret pain silently kills you. All by yourself in the dark alley Your shadow seeps from you It’s written its last chapter of the voices […]

Good Conversationalist.

Dear Bibiana,             I noticed that I tend to argue a lot because I presumed I knew a few things. Even things I was not sure of because of Critical thinking, I could argue still and get it right. I tried to stop but especially when I am with my cousin, he brings up wrong […]