Luke 10:10, 38 & 40.

If He always met your expectations, 

He will not be able to exceed them.

(Steven Furtick, 2018) – Elevation Church.

a) Goes from managing to manipulation:

  • Manipulation is a subtle shift.
  • Doing the right things on the wrong level.
  • Religious manipulation  can make you feel like you are not winning anywhere.

b) Spirit of Obligations:

  • Make a list of all your responsibilities. and, do things because you want to not because you have to.

c) Spirit of Interpretation:

  • Sing a song to Jesus.
  • Get filled first. There should be no difference between your life of worship and work life.

d) Victimization:

  • When you feel like the person you care about does not care about you at all.

e) Expectation:

  • You need wisdom. John 11:20.
  • Your expectations may not be what God wants for me.
  • Stop being the director. Sit at His feet. Also, know what is important.
  • Sometimes, you will be misunderstood. It is good rather than to be distracted like Martha.