Christian Relationship & Dating: Marriage and Our Fellowship with God.

“He who finds a wife finds a good thing”…. (Proverbs 31)

When I look at this thing called marriage, it appears to be the closest description to what our relationship with God is.

For instance, God describes the church as his bride which he came to wash, die for, and restore to himself. A man is also a groom and goes in search of a wife for whom he is to perform certain duties as a husband. The husband teaches, provides, dies to self and leads the home in the fear of God.

There is so much in common between marriage and our personal fellowship with the Father.

This is why God is still in the business of marriage. He created the institution and wants every of His children to enjoy it to the fullest. I grew up hearing a lot of men and women say, “Since the day Adam blamed God for the kind of wife he received from God, God decided to let man find a wife for himself. In fact, that’s why the Bible says, “He who finds a wife finds a good thing”….” And on they go with their assertions.

Well, I know Adam blamed God for the woman, and I also know the Bible records that “He who finds a wife finds a good thing…” But the part I never read anywhere was where God now said man was responsible for finding his own wife devoid of the leading and instructions from God.

The truth is, God creates, positions and prepares the woman that is found by the man. Any man can find any woman, but only the one led by God can find a wife.

We have it all backwards and this is the reason many singles hop in and out of relationships like people alighting from buses.

This is not the way it should be. God has a game plan for your relationship.

Your heart is not a place where all kinds of people should come in and go out, and for most singles today, they have begun to spend their “Marital Currency” even while unmarried. By marital currency, I mean enjoying the privileges God kept entirely for marriage when they are still unmarried.

What can you do to access this game plan of God?

1. Stay in the Garden:

In the beginning, God created Adam to live in the garden. This garden wasn’t just a place with a bunch of trees, and animals¬†running around. It was a spot, a location of fellowship. The most important thing about the garden weren’t the trees, beauty, or anything physical. Rather, what made it amazing was the fact that it also doubled as an altar (a place where God could communicate freely and unhindered with man).

Today, we can have access to the presence of God through the Holy Spirit. As singles, the place of personal communion with God cannot be neglected. Stay in the garden. God did not only drive Adam and Eve from the garden, He drove them from His presence. For us today, we are to dive into His presence and remain there.

2. Be focused on your assignment:

Your assignment is the primary reason why you appeared on earth. You did not appear on earth first to find a partner. You appeared on earth to fulfil a purpose. When you do not live in purpose, you are subject to poor choices as regards the kind of relationship to have.

It was while Adam was busy with his assignment that God thought it wise to provide a helper comparable to him.


3. Understand the purpose of a mate: 

Why are you male? Why are you female? Why do you need a partner? Singles need to understand that God wants us to have a Life Partner and not a Sex Partner. The norm today is having singles living sexually active and yet claiming to be believers. This is proof that there is no understanding about God’s intention for relationships. The purpose of having a partner is to have a more solid partnership to live the life God has called each one of us to live. To wrap this up, there is a need to have faith in God. Don’t go at it all alone. Relationships are blissful and adventurous when we surrender ourselves to the game plan of God. You may have broken your consecration or been disappointed, or perhaps you’re still in search for the right mate. Don’t sweat it. Forgive, heal, and move on.

Do away with worries, anxiety, and also forgive those who may have hurt you. God has something better for you.

Photo Credit: Tim Medrano.

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  1. Zulaikha Abiri says: Reply

    Fantastic posts, what a word in due season. I love the part where you say ” God wants us to have a life partner and not a sex partner” I also love the part about not being anxious, forgiving, healing and moving on.
    The piece as a whole blessed me, and I pray that God gives you more grace to develop this into a book.

  2. Nice one. God bless

    1. Amen. Thank you

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