Completely Myself To You.

How can you love someone like me?

Someone as rotten as a maggot

I go, you come and when I leave, you stay.

What have I done to deserve a love that turns not its back from me

Come rain, come sunshine you love me

The whole of me with no regrets written on your face

Without you my world is blurry

And every thought that comes to my mind every time I close my eyes

is me falling repeatedly into the depth of your love?


I push you away from my embrace, racing because I feel worthless

But you chase me into the earth’s ends

Whispering words of love and guidance.

No matter how far I run from you,

Your shadow follows me everywhere like the fog that haunts the woods

And your spirit lives within me.

I curse, grumble, judge and even doubt our trust

Yet you love me without a question.


When I look in your eyes, I see eternity

A love then, now and forever

A love that pulls me from my past into my present to carry me into our future

With you, I am not of the world but of you

And when I choose to live without you, my world slowly crumbles

My heart faints away into a silent death that pulls me back into life in you

No matter how weary I grow and beautiful I blossom

I am ordinary searching through a mess that has nothing to offer

A bandit running from the message of your love me

And no matter how far I get to the edge

Your endless and enduring string of love pulls me back to you.

I love you no matter the trials and tribulations of our love

And yes my answer to your question is

I give myself completely to you in this life and the life after.

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