Don’t Let Fear Wear You.

Deep in thought

I saw a little fly

it perched right on my window sill.

Struggling to regain its freedom

It kept fkying against the glass

as if to free itself from the blockage.

After several minutes of struggle

It began to get tire

so, instead of the continuous flying

it started tracing the edged of the window.

First, it crawled all the to the wrong end

that leads back to my office

then it changed course and headed towards the right direction.

This time slowly and more carefully

although worn out and weak

it made its way to the end of the window sill

and as soon as it felt the breeze

it took off vigorously like it had forgotten what it felt to be weak.


Many at times, you give up because you have lost strength, hope and determination. It should end today because there is light at the end of every tunnel. No matter how weak you once were, when you see a new light, be energized and take a gigantic flight. Do not be in a hurry to break free from something you are not prepared for. There is always a solution to every problem; relax and do not let fear wear you.

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