Falling: You can be perfect.

Falling has become my everyday practice
With my imperfections giving way to my sleazy shadow
Apologetic unapologetic is the state of my mind
With temptations that beat my heart to distractions
From your love that gave me life.
Mistakes are permanent stains like stubborn flies persistent to death
Still I feel your love causing my blood to overflow
To a point of swollen veins.
Falling falling accompanies the step that I take
The decisions I make and the commitments I promise
But your forgiveness rubs off my sin and shame
It breaks me into regrets
Turns the moon into sun and night into day
Like medicine, you heal me in all my poisoned organs
You make an ordinary creature into a star in the dark sky.
I am falling but you catch me in your warm embrace
To hold till eternity obliterates this time.

Photo Credit: Matt Sylvester.

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