“Witch! Witch!! I have always said it, which is why I want you out of my life. I can no longer recognize the woman I married. It has been from one problem to another as though God has turned His face away from this family”, ranted Tunji.

“I am not your problem o, stop this your religious pretense, it will not take you anywhere. The reason for your attitude and embarrassment is as a result of your frustration. Please Tunji, let us not take this too far because there will be no going back” Sade responded in a bid to defend herself. But, Tunji raged with anger as he plunged his clenched fists on Sade’s face so hard that she screamed in tears “Ahhh!!! Tunji ma pa mi o, so fun mi ki ni mo se, not this night again Oluwa ejo sanumi” Sade cried out. He did not stop until he dragged himself into his room after he was drained from beating his wife.

Tunji was once gentle and charismatic to the admiration of his family and those who knew him. He was a Pentecostal Christian, a loving and caring husband, until temptation came his way.

Sade found out she was five weeks pregnant and told Tunji about the baby. Filled with rage he cried and claimed an evil spirit sent to ruin his life tormented his wife. He shouted at her then wept.

On the day of delivery, Tunji walked away from the house while Sade groaned in pain. She picked up her phone from the table by the left corner of the living room to call her pastor.

Her pastor ran down to where she laid in pains only to find out that she had lost a lot of blood. He then rushed her to the hospital. The doctors performed a caesarean section to deliver the baby. Sade was in a coma for three days. On the third day when Sade finally woke up, and the nurse gave her the baby to carry. She named the baby ‘Saint Oak’ meaning oak of righteousness.

On the same day, Sade put to bed, her husband Tunji died from a ghastly motor accident.


“I love you, Sade, I hope you know that?” Tunji had said on the night of their wedding while they laid next to each other in bed.

As she stared into the eyes of her baby, the bad times she had spent with Tunji replayed in her mind. “Sade! Sade!! Ko gbadun ra ra oo, ehn mi o fe katan katan, can’t you for once do something pleasing, this marriage is frustrating me. I lost my job, my investment and you have no job also, no means of income and you want to bring another life into this family? Where has your sense of reasoning gone to? Abort this baby gbam!” This was Tunji’s absurd reaction when she told him about the pregnancy, just one week and some days after she received the test result from the hospital.

Minutes later, she handed the baby back to the nurse and laid her back on the bed. Then she closed her eyes hoping to sleep instead she remembered the last month of her courtship. During a dinner date with Tunji, where he said to her: “Sade, I want us to have two kids (a boy and a girl) and my prayer is that there will be no reason for me to cause you sadness or pain,” Tunji spoke with brows raised. He added that children are gifts and blessings from God.

“Tunji you sef wait. God does not harbor the barren in His house,” she replied with a wide smile on her face.

The memories continued to flow like oil mixed with water in her head.

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