Tears Crawling down my cheeks

with many emotions wrecking my bones

I can say that I love the artist in you,

Patti Smith

but the sadness in your work

makes me hate you

with every cotton of feeling 

that I have playing rhythms of life with my heart.

                                                        ~Bibiana Ossai.

Just Kids by Patti Smith is a descriptive fictional, somewhat spiritual autobiography that speaks on existentialism, growth of an artist and life experiences that impart knowledge and art to its readers. It takes us through the process of creativity as well as being an artistic individual.

Also, the one thing, I particularly love about the book is that it is very detailed, well-structured with appropriate demarcations to differentiate one experience or occurrence from another.

Patti Smith is able to give life and meaning to every character whose name is mentioned in the book. The transition process is neat and connecting as it goes from the beginning to the climax. It progresses with every break that author makes noticeable.



Creating Intriguing Characters

One of the main characters, Robert is described as a sensually intricate being whose personal life revolved around his art.



Evoke Strong Emotions

Just Kids does justice to a whirlwind of emotions like sadness, pain, laughter among several others. Patti Smith mentions the death of a Rolling Stone Member, Brian Jones, Robert F. Kennedy, Kent State Students and one of the main characters, Robert. 

In conclusion, laughter comes into play when a character gives Robert a sweet yet humorous compliment. “Your eyes are incredibly blue.” When Robert’s eyes were famously known to be green.

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