Lessons learned in 2017.

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Personally, for me 2017 was a year of lessons learned. I made a whole lot of new discoveries, grew in ways I never thought I would. Some of the lessons I learned I will be sharing with you because they have made me blossom into a person that surprises me every day. In other words, I am constantly surprised by who I am.

In 2017, I realized that you have the will-power to choose who you want to become. You can either make or mar yourself. And your entire existence is dependent on the realization that your destiny is in the palm of your hands. Also, you can control your reaction to certain events or situations. Basically, if anything I am thankful for 2017 and looking forward to what 2018 still has in store for me because we learn every day. As you learn, you should shed off old skins so new ones can come out and glow in the sun. Life is a handful but it is up to you to choose what to take in.

Well now, how about we dive right into the lessons:

Lesson 1 –

Very bad things happen to good people not out of hate but love, not for shame but the display of His glory. When I was very young, I pondered a lot on why God allowed bad things to happen to good people until He took me through the experience late last year. Not everyone will know the entire truth but some who do, will doubt God’s love for you, “You should not”. God never promised you a bed of roses nor did he promise you a life overflowing with milk and honey. Instead He told you about the tribulations and sufferings you will experience. He also asked you to be tough about it in prayer and through meditation of His word (Revelation 2:10).

Last year, I was sick for about ten days and it was terrible. I reduced 48 kg to 40.5 kg in weight within 3-4 days and I could barely eat anything. Went to two different hospitals, carried out some tests and it did not seem to get any better. During this period of time, I wondered why God had forsaken me, thought of if I had committed any sin but nothing came to mind, still I went ahead to ask for forgiveness . On the seventh day, something jerked my spirit up to revival and my faith boosted up. Instead of grumbling and doubting, I prayed and thanked God. I stopped taking the medication and leaned totally on God. Before the tenth day, my health had improved tremendously. Even when I was to go to the hospital for the test result, I just knew within me, the results would show nothing wrong and it was exactly what happened. Do not limit the power of faith in God when bad things happen to you.


Lesson 2 –

Faith does wonders. It does matter what anyone has said, if everyone has tried and failed or the mountain has been there for a million years. What matters is that you believe it can be and it will be.


Lesson 3 –

Love should be extravagant. It should not be cautious or selective. Love is for everyone and to be shown to everyone. People will definitely hurt you, despise you or be spiteful towards you but always remember that love covers a lot of sin, it redeems, holds no record of wrong and it is peaceful. Also, love heals and it is expressive absolutely.


Lesson 4 –

The people you love so dearly will hurt you. Your husband may hurt you or your family but always wear a forgiving heart. It is not easy to do so but Jesus went so that the Holy Spirit comes into your life to help you do the things that you cannot ordinarily do by yourself.

Give the Holy Spirit a chance. Lean into the Holy Spirit and become one with Him, I promise you that you will be filled with joy and peace that no man can give to you. He is all kinds of friend that you can ever want in this world.


Lesson 5 –

Family is a gift. Cherish your family because they are a blessing. Last year, whenever negative thoughts tried to penetrate its way into my life, I always fought my way to be thankful for my family because I may not have it all yet but I have my family.


Lesson 6 –

Healing comes from within. No matter how damaged or far gone you think you are, there is a light on the inside that is fighting the darkness. And until you comprehend the fact that you are of light, it remains waiting to be flared up by your willingness to heal.


Lesson 7 –

Peace of God makes a whole of difference in this chaotic world. When it seems like everything is falling out of place, when your world is in the process of disruption, it is very possible for your heart to be at peace. When every other person is tensed up in the room, I will silently and peacefully pray and thank God. It is something that has become a part of me. Although, I may sometime shed a tear or more. Like late last year, I lost a friend and relative but in the midst of the ache, I was thankful to have spent the Christmas with my family.

Somehow, it feels right to stop here. These are the lessons that I learned in the previous year, I will love to know what you learned. So, let us have a conversation in the comment box below.

P.S. Your lessons might just be what someone needs in her or his life.



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3 thoughts on “Lessons learned in 2017.

  1. I have realized that no matter what you do people will still find fault in u but that shouldn’t stop u from being yourself. People will misunderstand u, judge u, and even crucify u for what they barely know but stand strong it is never about them its always about u. The good u do always comes back but most times not as we anticipate or expect. I have not reaped anything from d thousands of mass comm students I have trained but when I got to USA I got more than enough from students that were not in mass communication but I had been nice to at 1 point or the other. I was more than blessed by them and I learnt most importantly that the good you do without even noticing will definitely come back 2 u when u least expect in an unexpected way.

  2. I am a natural worrier. I can begin to think of things I don’t have or have not done, I think of them overly too much till it becomes a burden and at times allow depression set in. But as time went by, I found out that those begin to get sorted little by little. I have begin to learn to think small not too much. Though I still get worried, I console myself sometimes by saying, “the tomorrow you worried about yesterday is what you are living today. I also learning to be patient. It is a virtue indeed.

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