Life As We Know It.

As a little child, I barely knew who God is

Or what it means to know God.

The word seemed vague

I found it irrelevant to be close to an invisible being

Or thought I was never going to meet.

As time passed, growing up into maturity was

A journey I could not walk into alone

I needed a friend, a light, something that could lead me

I wanted a friend and I desired a companion that could fill my vaccum

Life was awkward and I was awkward

I felt as though an alien

Nothing apart from home and no one apart from family seemed right

But I had to live with it and live with them.

School was a zone or a world that I just existed in

Because I was never alive whenever I was in it

I was like a living dead who just wanted to pass along and get along

There were cliques; girls dividing into groups and they were more of hell in hell for me

They discussed a variety of amateur topical issues

Laughed at the silliest of things and having issue with a boy seemed like the world’s biggest activity

I wondered why they thought the way they did and acted the way they did

But I guess I was not meant to understand.


Along the way,

I met five kinds of people who taught me five different things

I met Acceptance, who taught me

Being free and happy were the most important things in life

Friendship taught me, relationship is a hard ride, confusing and sometimes a lonely walk

You never truly get to know your partner but you have to grow with the person 

Freedom, the true definition of young, wild and free,  

We crossed paths, entirely different from each other but we did get along

It taught me the foolish actions we take and the craziest decisions we make

It showed me that we were young and our mistakes should be counted as lessons

I met Smart and Ego, who brought before me the essence of education and pride

She swayed with a charisma no one could compete with as every beat of her zeal was worth admiration

Lastly, I met the fun, the good, the bad and the ugly,

Who truly left no foot print in my mark of time.

The one that gave me a turn around was Acceptance

Though she died along the way, she forever lives in my heart

I realized my ignorance and came in contact with wisdom so I contacted forgiveness

Forgiveness came and it accepted me

It showed me the way, the light and the truth.

Sometime later I lost my path, till I found it again in the 20s.

I found it in December under the mistletoe of love

The month of celebration and rejoicing

We made up and started a new chapter of our relationship

I felt so relieved like a burden had been lifted off my shoulders

My life turned around for the best in ways I cannot explain

It saved me from myself and from the world.

Knowing God at this stage of my life is beyond what the world has to offer me

Everyday is a chance to get to know Him better and I pray never to fail to grasp the moments of being with Him

He loves so unconditionally that it shakes every bit of doubt in me.

There is never a better moment to know God than to know God while you are a youth

Your service to Him should not be counted as time loss because in the place you wish to spend eternity, you will spend it serving Him

Knowing God, has made me realize the value of people in my life

It has made me understand a different kind of love

I have come to accept the importance of being a giver always

I have come to terms with reality and spirituality

I have come to understand that my walk with God has nothing to do with religion but me as a vessel

Knowing God is not for my benefit alone but for the benefit of the kingdom.

There are people you will meet along the way, who will invest a seed in you

It is then your choice to choose that which will germinate in you.

Life without a personal relationship with God is worthless

It can be likened to a traveller without destination and a farmer without his tools.

Remember always that no matter how prepared you think you are for life

Your safety is of the Lord.


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