Life Lessons.


Having been a victim of the devil’s manipulation, I am very much aware of how easy the devil presents you with lies. He makes it sound like a wolf dressed in a sheep clothing (figuratively). The devil has a way of deceitfully painting lies as a version of truth. Do not fall for His trick. It brings nothing but torment and a restless mind.



Silence gives you time to become wise. To think and make calculated decisions. It gives you clarity of speech and an opportunity to react intelligently. Do not be quick to act for whatsoever reason or situation. Empty your mind and give room for the voice of God to dominate. Distractions and wandering thoughts only kill the voice and direction of God to you.



Even your enemies deserve love. Stop judging or discriminating. What God expects you to offer everyone is love. Love people, welcome them with a warm embrace, pray for them. You do not have to imitate their ways instead draw them to yours.



Stop holding on to the past and let it go. You are never going to be the best version of yourself if you keep holding on. You will always be limited and fail to grow when you refuse to move forward and release your hands from your past.



It is time you accept that here on earth, you are a Christian pilgrim and a child of God duly assigned to serve, and not be served. So, that when eternity comes to be, you will live the best, as a son or daughter, a royalty not a slave because you are just a child.



Trust in God and lean not on your own understanding. Your future is already secured in Heaven and the key to unlocking it is in your hands that is why the devil is trying to talk you out of it. Thus, doing it alone will only take you to point while doing it with God will take you to your destination. There is security when you trust God.



For every story, you want to write each day, let them be written with the pen of faith. It will give you hope and divine provision. It will give you hope and divine provision.



Do not be deceived. The Christian lifestyle is not boring, unattractive or wretched. It is sweet, fun, beautiful, and enriching. You should try it out first. So, stay strong in this race.



The best life comes from being aligned with God. When you decide to subject your flesh to the spirit, you enjoy freedom, peace and joy. Aligning yourself with God means that you are in coordination with what he expects from you; you are synchronized with the Holy Spirit. This is very important and much needed to fight the good fight of faith.



Unforgiving is not a feature of God. Just because you made a mistake or committed a sin does not mean you should spend the rest of your life self-hating or fill your head with the assumption that God does not care for you anymore. It is the way the devil wants you to think and react so you can detach yourself from God and His love for you. Own up to your mistakes, be sober and repentant, speak to God about it, forgive yourself and ask Him to do the same for you. Then walk out of the sin, mistake or bad character.



Your future, dreams or visions should be your own investment. Stop waiting for support or anyone to invest into it. Be bold enough to take the first step and conquer the world. However way it might seem impossible, it is not. Start small and watch your mustard seed grow into a tree of great investments, inspirations and a beauty displaying the glory of God.


P.S. Above are some key life lessons learned and shared to encourage you and motivate you to keep going. However, there are some lessons that you must have learned in this your life time, so share them in the comment box below and let others learn from you too.


Photo Credit: Juan Pablo Arenas.

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