A man is here to see his son’s corpse. We take him to the morgue only to find out the corpse is missing. Everyone is bewildered by the missing corpse including myself. Meanwhile, somewhere else a teacher has implicated me as the culprit and convinced everyone there is something evil about me.

The teacher and I are called to trial in an underground part of the school’s land. I asked the jury why a student like myself will steal the corpse and for what reason. My friends are looking at me strangely. The dead boy’s father looks sober for me. The teacher is now sitting on the fourth stair of a ladder, she is telling everyone I assaulted her. Infuriated by her false accusations, I walk to where she is to put her pointed hand aimed at me down and screamed “why are you doing this to me? You are meant to be my guardian.” When I walk away, she slumps to the bare ground.

Everyone has the look of contempt masked on their faces. I am scared she is dead because they will say I have killed her and it will seal my fate but she coughs out. Someone calls the school medic who says she will need hip surgery.

We see a student running towards the trial ground. He is shouting: “they are going to attack.” meanwhile, all I want is a rose planted in my side of the field.

The sun gives room to the moon and all students are now gathered in the aluminium underground tunnel lit with candles. My friends and I are put on guard duty while the medic performs the surgery in an inner room. Minutes later, we hear gunshots and I see one of my friends being attacked by our enemies and I aim for the attacker but miss all shots. All of a sudden, I see one of my other friends spin in the air and all bullets fired at her penetrate her body that has now merged with the air with no effect at all. Startled by everything happening right in front of my eyes, I want to believe it is all a dream because nothing seems plausible. Lost in the moment, an enemy tries to attack me but crumbles back to dust when he gets near me.

Just as I am about to ask my friends “what in the world is going on?” I wake up, sweating and drooling on my book BREAK IT DOWN by Lydia Davis.

One Thought on Lucid Reality.
    31 Jan 2019

    I actually wanted to know what happened. So short?

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