My Life Is But A Dream.

My life has not been completely perfect but I have had to paint an imperfect perfect picture so that people can choose what I am really like for themselves. It is not as though I have been living a pretence, only that man chose to interpret the lies for his truth.

Blind to the mess and opened to the good side is the only thing man seeks from life; the reality is no one cares about the pain, sadness, love, failure, loss, gain, journey to self-love, redemption, salvation and insecurities.

My desire was not always to be a writer but I did not refuse it when it was offered to me as a healing process and therapy because in reality, no one could heal me apart from myself and a special someone. I dream not to win or loose but to make an impact, a difference, to be the change in my little ways, and in doing so, I have learned to be strong through the pain, laugh through the sadness, I have learned to be secured in my insecurities and as for salvation, redemption, it is God’s grace.

Every phase of life’s experience has been a stepping stone for me so here is the story of a writer’s dream, journey, failure, pain…

What was I born for?

For what reason was I created?

Bonfire bonfire! How high does it flare up?

Here I am out in the cold wondering for what reason was I born into my family?

I scold and hide myself in the wind hoping it will carry me someplace green

Where knowledge unfolds and beauty blossoms

But here I am with my back laid on the cold sand of the seashore

With my shallow heavy eyes fixated on the stars

My mind slowly wanders through a thousand before

To moments that are ought to be forgotten and after a while

My eyes change their focus to the sea as I ask myself

Should I drown myself to have a new life?

Should I let myself go to forget the pains?

But as though a presence shields me

I feel my body being lifted up, only to stop mid air

And I hear voices like the ocean sing but it is only my wild imagination

As the one who performs the magic now a saving grace

Is someone the whole world is yet to still phantom.

I should have died a long time ago and my dreams cut short

But a grace that I do not deserve met me even when I was undeserving of it

About to commit a grievous sin only because the world failed to accept me.


Photo Credit: Unsplash.

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