Paper Love.

I was not ready but you were a fantasy

I could not resist the smile you set on my face

The butterflies you set at war in my stomach

The world we created was real

It had everything in a fantasy only the heart could create

As you only lied to my chats every day

You betrayed my feelings

It was not until I grew over my feelings that I realized

Our relationship was paper love.


All of the magic went once the paper was torn

With all your messages written in nothing but a heartbreak

We lavished time without investing in the moments

Simply because we were a thousand miles apart.



Far from each other

The wind always found a way of blowing sensation to out different ends

I could not tell originality in your words

Still, I let myself be carried away by the sweetness in every word you wrote me

I can say I was a fool who needed love even if it was broken

What can you say about yourself?

What is your story?

The picture no longer exists because like a paper boat it has sailed away.


2 thoughts on “Paper Love.

  1. Good job. Thus particular work “paper love” addresses situations as they are in today’s world where the word “love” has been put to thorough misuse. Well-done. The diction is simple and one can easily relate to it. Time should be taken though, on adequate editting.

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