Resonate means to be filled with deep sound, which perfectly defines what this collection of poem is about. This is my early valentine gift to you this season of love. I hope you find the one that completes you and you both find joy and pleasure in this season.

Also, I pray that the emotions that make you who you are, resonates all through your life. Share a piece of emotion from Resonate this season. Click the link below to download the e-book.


A feedback will be very generous of you. And, do let me know what you use the poems for. God bless you.

2 Replies to “RESONATE.”

  1. Oh Bibi….. The poems are so real. Like a personal symphony baring the rhythms of
    a heart struck with the lightening of such strong emotions. Your words carry winds of tested feelings. Thank you for this. I’m coming to the reality of my own thoughts.

    1. Thank you so much. I am glad you connect with the poems.

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