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A Million Little Pieces is a vivid account of a person quitting drug, recovery, healing and alcohol dependency. James Frey is honest and funny throughout the story. It opens your mind to what a drug and alcoholic addict life is like.

“A Million Little Pieces is an uncommonly sincere account of a life destroyed and a life reconstructed. Reading this book, opened my mind to a whole new and brave world about acceptance and acknowledging the need for help. James Frey in his book gave insight to the world of alcoholics and addicts.

The book creates an understanding of how deceitful drinking can be and it makes an individual predisposed and dysfunctional in the society. James Frey made it conversational and personal. There are a million reasons to get A Million Little Pieces this March.

You can get your copy from Glendora Book Store in Ikeja City Mall, Lagos City or simply order a copy.