Starting & Living This New Year.

Wow! We made it. All glory to God. I am beyond excited to be sharing this message with you because I had also been in a state of confusion on how to start and live this new year until I stumbled upon Ecclesiastes 11-12 while studying my Open Heavens written by Pastor E.A. Adeboye. It is amazing how God has provided us with a compass to put us in the right direction and transform our lives daily.

The Young and Youthful

Guide 1 – Invest in acts of charity. In this New Year, do not limit these acts to abundance because it can be in form of goods or services. It is about offering yourself or making yourself available for the good of those around you. It does not matter if all you have is a dollar or 10 naira. What really matters is the state of your heart when you are carrying these acts.

Guide 2 – Be a blessing to others. Wherever you find yourself and in whatever situation you find yourself in, show kindness, love. “Keep open house; be generous with your lives. By opening up to others, you’ll prompt people to open up with God, this generous father in heaven (Matthew 5:16 MSG).

Guide 3 – Do your own work. You are accountable to God at the end of the day. So, mind your business, your own race and focus on the purpose of your existence. Do not poke your nose in what does not concern you. Also, stop with the comparisons and competition (Galatians 6:4 MSG). Your greatness is not the same with another’s.

Guide 4 – Get on with your life. Try as much as possible in this New Year, not to remain stagnant. Take the necessary steps to move forward in your spiritual life, career, business, ministry, relationships. Stop waiting for your water to get full or until it rains. It does not matter where you are right now as long as you get on with your life.

Guide 5 – God is a mysterious being. Stop being intellectual with Him and let Him do His work.

Guide 6 – Stop being mindful of time and focus on your work. Do your work while it is day because night comes when no man will work. The output and events of your work can be unpredictable.

Guide 7 – Be thankful and joyful in and for every day you spend on earth.

Guide 8 – You answer to God. Make the best out of the vigor you have now and enjoy it. Follow your heart desires and pursue what is good inside out.

Guide 9 – Be free in conventional reformations. You are more than the identity the world gives to you. You are more than the limitations the world has placed on your way to fulfilling your purpose here on earth.

Guide 10 – Do not lose sight of your vision while you are young.

Apple-Blossom White

Guide 1 – The same way you came is the same way you return (empty-handed).

Guide 2 – Live well. Be joyful and filled with thanks. Let your heart be filled with peace that no man can give to you.

Guide 3 – Now is the time to go easy. Have the fear of God and be obedient to Him. Give your life to God now that you still have the chance to do so.

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