Waiting’ according to Google means remaining in readiness for a purpose. In the general sense of the word, there is nothing ideal, particular or significant about the word to our human endeavors or journey in this world. However, this word is used mostly in the passive contexts when it comes to human activities or human relationships for example, if you have ever been to the American Embassy here in Nigeria to get your visa, you stay on the line for hours doing absolutely nothing other than move as the line moves or waiting to see the doctor in a hospital.

Waiting never crossed my mind until recently during my morning devotion; I was studying my Open Heavens written by Pastor E.A. Adeboye and my bible while waiting to receive a message from God on what He wants me to pass across to His children when the word ‘waiting’ was dropped in my mind – what makes this a really special message is that it came to me very strongly. Waiting is a period of expectation in faith from God and everyone experiences it including my humble myself, although I am still in the period of my waiting.

I remember last year after the launch of my first book, I wrote down my expectations for the book and the rest of the year, I had envisioned what my life and sales of the book should look like but they are nothing like I had written down. Once I noticed things were not coming forth, I went into a state of depression and hopelessness until this message came to me few days back. I never tried to understand the period or seek God’s face because I had lost my personal connection with God and opened a gateway for the devil to turn all my positives to negatives. So after I got the message, I briefly did a research to have more understanding of what God is saying, which brings me to the bible text:

                                  But if we hope for what we do not see,

                                 we wait eagerly for it with patience and

                                 composure. In the same way the Spirit

                                helps us in our weakness…and we know

                                             with great confidence that God causes all

            things to work together for good…

                                                      Romans 8:24-28 (AMP).

Waiting is an act of faith in God, it is you showing forth yourself as a true believer in Christ Jesus. Often times when you do not get what you want, you enter into a state of denial – you doubt God’s love for you, abandonment – you put your faith aside to get it by your own efforts and worry – you are constantly troubled with the effects of not getting what you want, how and when you get it. Whenever I am entering into a new month, I always enter with either a bible passage, song or a phrase, sometimes a combination not knowingly but I just emphasise on it all through the month. The bible says our faith is not the same and there is some length to which my faith can carry me, my neighbour’s cannot, which is why it is very important to feed on the word and draw nearer to God, when these two things are lost in a person’s life, the period of waiting is prolonged.

Back to Waiting as an active noun, there are some actions that need to be put in place as well as exercised so as not to be spiritually slothful or lethargic but to truly act upon faith and depend on God, they are:

  • Prayer: this is an act of communing with God, which is very important in relationships. You have to pray, constantly speak to God and let Him direct you. Also to know when your period of waiting will come to an end, you have to stay in communication with God. You do not necessarily have to be on your knees or at church or a gathering before you indulge in prayers, you can be walking, be at work, in a class and still communicate with God.
  • Meditation: According to Joshua 1:8, it is very important to meditate on the word of God as regularly as possible. My mentor says “you can never be too busy for God”, a man who is always on the move making sure the wind blows, sun shines among so many other things. Even if it is a verse, do it.
  • Worship: singing is not crime so whenever you are free, worship God in hymns and songs.
  • Be patient: by nature, some people are very impatient but during the period of waiting, how we react to situations, failures and frustrations is very important. Do you feel like God is ignoring you? Do you think He has forgotten you? When you wait patiently, calmly and trustingly, it encourages those around you to trust in Him as well.
  • Don’t be a lone wolf : Jesus said to His disciples, “my sheep hears my voice and they follow me”. Do not be a wolf rather than a sheep because you are not getting what you want from God. When you go ahead by your own effort to get what you want, it affects God’s original plan for your life. Acts 1:4.
  • Thanksgiving: I remember I wrote something related to this in my book “My Whole Chapter”, it is not good to wait until you get what you want before giving thanks to God.
  • Remember the light at the end of the tunnel: during the period of waiting, it is very important that you set your mind on the blessings you will get from God. Be hopeful in God, exercise your faith and trust that God will give you what you need.

Are you going through your waiting period? Wondering if God truly hears you when you speak? Waiting on God is not easy and I say this from personal experience but you have to go through it

  • Calmly – this does mean you should ignore God or become passive in your relationship with God and your work in His kingdom, it simply means to be patient, and
  • Diligently – be prayerful, faithful in your worship to God, study the word, familiarise yourself with the promises God has for His children and prophesy them into every aspect of your life.

Let God lead you, direct you just as He has promised in His word that “the steps of the righteous are ordered by the Lord” (Psalm 37:23). Let God be involved and I pray that His grace does not elude us in our period of waiting.

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