Wake Up.

Wake up! Please wake up, just do something, anything

My body laid on the sick bed, cold as ice

Death had come knocking and

My soul about to accept defeat.


I looked down, watching my loved ones in shock

Mother sat down beside my body with her arms tightly in father’s

Who tried to be strong even while his heart wept bitterly

My sister laid at my other side with her head gently placed on my chest

And my brothers stayed outside hoping it was a joke

But it was over, the fights and my struggles to be strong

My face pale and my lips lit a smile that was dead.


Where am I? Why am I away from my body?

A bright light appeared at the end of the empty room

So I walked towards it hoping it was a way out instead

I met a man who reached out for my hands

He said to me “do not be afraid”

I felt a peace within me, a peace the world had never given to me.

“Where are we going?” I asked without a single fear in me

Finally, he told me to look back down to my body cold as ice

As I did, I heard the prayers of my father, mother, sister and brothers echo.


Their pain and the sorrow made me feel weak

He lifted me unto His arms and placed His right palm on my heart, literally

And it began to beat again,

My pale skin had a glow like never before.

“Go meet your family” were the last words I heard

before my soul and body became one again.


Photo Credit: Unsplash.

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