Who am I?

Everyday I am haunted by the question, who am I?

The skinny girl whose head is always titled down

Her shoulders lazily resting on its body and

Her eyes sinking inside.

Who am I?

The girl with one chin and a scattered set of teeth

An awkward person with a big bum and a perfect one hip

The girl who laughs so loud and frowns so down

Who am I?

A depressed human finding happiness in wrong places

Love in all of the wrong people

The girl who shies away from her own reflection and

Denies her own personality for the fear of rejection

Who am I?

The daughter of a goddess and a god

A gift sent to the world from the creator of all beings

A girl who searches for herself in every corner

Passionate about doing the supernatural and faith work

A girl learning to accept my flaws

Who am I?

Is the question I wake up to and the answers I sleep on

I found myself

Ready to accept me, myself and I

Ready to accept my mistakes and take my lessons

I may not be perfect but imperfectly perfect is perfect enough

Who am I?

Is the question that no longer haunts me.


Photo Credit: Unsplash.

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