Wildflower in a Field of Roses & Thorns.

As you grow up, you are asked to find yourself, to find your individualism

The adults tell you take control and when you heed to their advice,

The world tries to influence you to represent what it believes in;

If you do not embrace it,

The world then judges you, criticizes you and questions who you are.

Though not directly,

The world tries to shape you into who it wants you to be not who you have been created to be

But I am here to tell you that you can be the wildflower in a field,

It does not matter at least it shouldn’t because God is okay with it.


How do you expect me to see myself in the mirror

And love this person I have become?

Bulging eyes with dark circles round about them

Scars that remind me of pain

Head that looks shrunk,

I can barely recognize who I am.


How can I come around the destiny written on my palms?

When I am still in the dark place of time

Lost and blinded by the accolades of seasoned humans

How do I find healing in a world that poisons the better part of me?

The windows are closing

And the world is forcing itself on me

Yet you expect me to breathe, to live and to survive with no problems.


How do I find my path?

How am I to find my path that leads to the real me?

I am dying, slowly withdrawing from life

Taking the last breathes within me

My eyes are closing and my soul turning to darkness

I begged you not to let me go but you said to find my path.


Can a broken heart ever truly be fixed?

Will I ever find my path in a world of caged lies?

Where is the light in a world that screams darkness?

I begged you not to let me go but you said to find my path.


I am sorry not sorry I am not your best artifact

Sorry for not having your kind of spirit

But I am sorry for my sorries because

I have learned to depend and believe in myself when no one else does

To love who I have become no matter the millions of people that come and go.

Every time I look down at myself

I am proud to be the wildflower in a field of roses and thorns


Photo Credit:  Unsplash.

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