Young Feminine- ist

You see the girls having fun

You stick to them under the sun

You move with the crowd

Like you are bound by one spirit

They entice you and

You fall with your face buried in the sand of time.

They laugh out loud

And you live out loud

Nothing restricts you

Time is countless

The old ones trust you,

They know you are fearless.

You want to be free

You want to soar

You are a happy person

You are a girl, lady, a woman.

You deserve the best

You are to be honored the first

You love with every beat of your heart.

When you are depressed

When you cry

You learn, run and hope.

Even when times are bad

You always know where to go

You always know to sow.

You are strong

You burrow yourself in God

You laugh real hard

Love real hard and feel real hard

But most of all,

You are a legacy

A fantasy and God’s own

The pride of pride, irresistible, original

A soul believer of the truth.


Photo Credit: Pinterest.

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